Music Classroom Expectations

An essential part of creating a great learning experience is partnering with you in your child’s education process. It is my desire to support your efforts at home in my classroom.

Here are the elementary classroom expectations:

Make good and godly choices – Do the right thingmusic class participation 5

Use good manners – respect authorities and classmates

Speak when the teacher allows it

Involve yourself in activities – Fully participate in all class activities and directions

Care for music room equipment

When students choose to ignore directions, the learning process suffers. Therefore, I will consistently enforce the following consequences:

  1. Warning
  2. Time Out & Comment to Classroom Teacher
  3. Note to Parents
  4. The student will be sent back to class
  5. Meeting with Mr. Broere. 

In order to encourage good choices, we work towards the following goals.

  1. Complement to Teacher/Parent
  2. Reward Days – By working together to follow expectations, the class may earn a special class in which they choose their favorite music activities and enjoy a treat.

My heart is to not only provide your child with an excellent music and language program, but also to develop their relationship with God. I am anticipating a wonderful year of learning and partnering with you in music and Spanish class! Your child is important to me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments.